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EARN Dollars Selling Car Transport.

Innovative solution to help you earn dollars by when your website visitors buy from the Australia's #1 Car Transport Company.

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It is our priority to provide the most competitive and accurate car transport quotes and give you absolute confidence when you need it.

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Australia’s Fastest Growing
CAR Transport Affiliate Program

If you own a website, send out a newsletter, publish content on social media pages, write a blog or understand PPC – the PTXchange Car Transport Affiliate Program is for you!

Join the PTXchange as an Affiliate Partner and monetise your web traffic.

Auto transport is one of the untapped goldmines of the 21st century and together with Car Transport Services, PTXchange lets you monetise your website and earn money just by having your visitors book car transport.

Frequently Asked Questions About the PTXchange Affiliate Program

How can I make money as a PTXchange Affiliate?

Once you sign up you will have access to your special code that let’s you place the quoting form on your website. Or, if you choose, you’ll also be able to link directly to the PTXchange website.

Your unique code for you to use which includes your Affiliate ID, when one of your visitors creates a quote and books their vehicle using this link, you earn commission for each conversion.

Can anyone become an affiliate?

Yes. If you own your website, publish content for example on a blog or have a social media following, you can join PTXchange and start earning money from your Australian website traffic.

Its free to sign up to the PTXchange Affiliate Program and we’ll provide you with all the information to start monetising your website.

I don’t have a Website. Can I use Links in emails?

Yes. We provide a range of email creatives and special, customised links that you can use.

Is PTXchange Available Outside Australia?

No. At this stage, our car transport offerings are limited to Australia.