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Stop searching for the perfect car transport leads for your business. At PTXchange we focus our time on finding vehicle transport leads for your business so that you don’t have to.

If you need a boost in the number of car transport enquiries and the potential business growth that comes with those enquiries, you owe it to yourself to join PTXchange.

For a limited time, enjoy 14 days of unlimited car transport quotes requests for just $47.

100's of Leads Every Week

Focus on the transportation and logistical needs of your existing customers and PTXchange invest in searching for new ones.

Dedicated Support

Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring you make the most out of your PTXchange experience.

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If you’re not completely satisfied with the volume and quality of the car transport leads you receive, cancel anytime and we’ll refund the full amount paid. No questions asked.

Our ROI calculator tool will help you calculate the predicted ROI of obtaining car transport leads from PTXchange.

PTXchange is ranked #1 Car Transport Affiliate Program in Australia. And now, with our lead generation initiative, we can really drive your business forward.

See how we can move the needle in your business. Play around with the ROI calculator a spin and see how our car transport leads can help improve your revenue and profitability.

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Here's a list of the most recent 20 car transport quote requests that we've received.

Unlock Thousands of Potential Customers with PTXchange

Welcome to PTXchange, Australia's premier car transport lead capture platform where we connect thousands of customers looking to transport their vehicles with reliable and efficient transport companies like yours.

High-Quality Leads

Our platform generates several thousand quote requests per month, ensuring a steady stream of potential customers for your business.

Full Control Over Relationships

At PTXchange, we believe in empowering transport companies. You maintain complete control over your relationship with the lead, without the need to sign into external portals or share pricing.

Direct Integration with Your IT Systems

If your preference is to do away with emails, we can directly insert leads into your company’s internal IT systems with our advanced technology solutions, streamlining the process and ensuring real-time updates.

No Hidden Fees

You remain in complete control over the booking process. We don’t charge a percentage of the booking, ensuring maximum profitability for your business.


With PTXchange, you can cut your customer acquisition costs by as much as 60%. Say goodbye to expensive advertising campaigns and hello to genuine leads that can convert into real business.

User-Friendly Platform

Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for you to manage leads and grow your business.

Can we Offer You 14 Days of Access to the Vehicle Transport Leads of Your Choice for only $47?

Before you spend another cent on advertising


Traditional advertising is not getting any cheaper and you know this already!

In reality, costs are only going up and you might as well be paying as much as $9.00 just to get a prospective customer to notice you.

The average spend on Google Ads by Australian car transport companies is about $750 per month.

Paying a savvy digital marketing agency $2,000 to optimise your advertising campaign might bring the cost per click down below $0.75. And if you did the maths, you’d find it could still be leaving you out of pocket.

Traditional ads are like wearing a hat that’s too big. 

They don’t fit everyone’s needs, so some potential customers might feel left out. Moreover, using traditional advertising techniques could be failing you in many, many ways you may not even realise.

Not Super Targeted

Imagine trying to catch a specific fish in a big pond using a wide net. You might catch other fish you don't want. Traditional ads are like that wide net; they reach many people, but not all of them are interested and many of the are tyre kickers. This means the company spends more money without getting many customers.

Slow Feedback

Traditional advertising is a bit like sending a message in a bottle and waiting for a reply. With old-school ads, companies don't quickly know if their message is working. This means they might waste money on ads that don't work for a long time.

Takes Time

Setting up old-school ads can be like waiting in a long queue. It takes time and while waiting, you might be missing out on customers.

Limited Reach

It's like having a cool party but only inviting people from your street. Local ads might miss out on many potential customers from other places.

More Expensive

Think of buying a fancy new tool but it doesn't work well. In fact, after trialling it for a week, you find it actually cost you more than you paid for it. Traditional ads, like TV or newspapers, cost a lot but might not bring in many customers. This can eat into the company's money.

One-Way Talk

Many traditional advertising techniques talk at people, not with them. It's like shouting across a field and hoping someone hears and responds. If customers can't ask questions or interact, they'll likely lose interest.

Can't Change Easily

Once an ad is out, like in a newspaper, it can't be changed. If there's a mistake or if the company wants to say something different, you have to spend more money.

Hard to Track

Imagine going on a treasure hunt without a map. Old ads don't give clear clues about how well they're working. So, you could be might be spending money without knowing if it's worth it.

With PTXchange You're Not Paying for Tyre Kickers. You're Acquiring Super-targeted and Qualified Leads Virtually Ready to Book

How PTXchange Streamlines Customer Acquisition for the Car Transport Industry

Navigating the world of lead generation can be a maze but, with PTXchange, we've simplified the process, ensuring you connect with potential customers seamlessly.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned pro, our platform is designed to give you the edge in the competitive car shipping market. Here’s how it all comes together:

Sign Up

Begin by registering your transport company with PTXchange. Our straightforward sign-up process ensures you're up and running in no time.

Receive Leads

Once registered, you're in the loop. Whenever a quote is requested, you'll receive a notification, so you never miss an opportunity.

Quote & Convert

With the lead details at your fingertips, engage directly. Provide your best quote, answer any queries and convert them into loyal customer.

By streamlining these steps, PTXchange ensures you spend less time on the logistics of lead generation and more time doing what you do best: transporting vehicles safely and efficiently.
There are dozens of reasons why our members receive the very best leads in the business.

Here are three we reckon will really matter to you right now.

vehicle transport leads from PTXchange

Highly Qualified Leads

We work predominantly with residential customers, providing you with an unparalleled breadth of car transport leads.

Leads are provided for local, long distance and coast to coast transport. From passenger cars to caravans, caravans and trailers, PTXchange really is an all-in-one source for highly qualified leads.

Whether you operate locally or regionally, you’re sure to find the leads you need to succeed with PTXchange.

Driving a truck

Experience in the Industry

We’ve been delivering technology solutions to the automotive logistics industry for over 20 years.

For more than a decade, we’ve developed and mastered the art of customer acquisition that has seen industry leaders like Carways, PrixCar, Car Transport Express and Auto-Logistics achieve game-changing results in their business.

Our unparalleled knowledge of demand generation within the automotive transport industry works to your advantage.

Load up and Go!

We don’t believe in locking our customers into long-term contracts or charging high setup fees. Nor do we believe in taking a percentage of booking fees.

Instead, we retain our clients by offering them the very best service in the industry.

We don’t need to charge any kind of setup fee or need you to sign a contract – because once you see the quality of the leads we offer, we know you’ll keep using our services.

Still Need Convincing?

Sign up for a 14-day trial. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund the fee. No questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Car Transport Leads

How many leads can I expect to receive?
The precise number of leads you can expect to receive really depends on the specific lanes you elect to receive leads for. Transport along the Eastern states tends to be consistently high as does transport between the Eastern states and WA. In any case, you’re only paying for the leads sent to you.
What is the quality of leads like?

All leads we provide are “verified” which means you’re not sent invalid or incorrect contact information. This means when you receive them, you can respond directly with the confidence that your quotes will be delivered.

How do you get your leads?

We generate our own leads through a strong online presence, advanced marketing techniques, tracking and monitoring, and an intimate knowledge of the car transport industry.

How do you ensure we only get valid leads?

Each time someone requests a quote, they go through a verification process in which we confirm that it is not SPAM. Only when the lead has confirmed that they did request a quote do we send them through to you.

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at $3 per lead using our Pay As You Go (PAYG) model. Existing companies are seeing an average closing rate of around 1 in 6. Based on this, 100 leads will close 6 bookings, at a cost of $300.

Do you expect a cut of the booking fee?

Absolutely not! Every cent of he booking fee is yours. There’s no hidden charges. Just a flat rate of $3 per quote request.

How many companies do you send your leads to?
It varies but we limit requests for car transport quotes to no more than 10 transport companies. For less competitive lanes, it is significantly less.
Can I restrict the type of leads I receive?

To a large extent yes. Currently we are able to restrict leads to this requesting transport within and between States. For example: You might choose to only receive those that require transport between VIC and QLD.

What other services do you provide?

Through our parent company (Semantia), we can provide numerous services that are relevant to the automotive logistics industry. As well as providing quality, real-time leads, we also provide online quoting and booking solutions.

Jason D is looking for a quote to move a Subaru Brumby (1988) from Fisher ACT (2611) to Camberwell VIC (3124)
Boonroy M is looking for a quote to move a Nissan Cube (2005) from North hobart TAS (7000) to Camp hill QLD (4152)
Kumail R is looking for a quote to move a Nissan X-Trail (2014) from Perth WA (6000) to Gladstone QLD (4680)
Simon H is looking for a quote to move a Subaru Forester (2007) from Red hill ACT (2603) to Attwood VIC (3049)
Karl R is looking for a quote to move a Honda S600 (2015) from Seacliff park SA (5049) to Dubbo NSW (2830)
Dylan K is looking for a quote to move a Lexus IS200 (1999) from Albury NSW (2640) to Brisbane QLD (4000)
Graham M is looking for a quote to move a Dodge Ram 1500 (2022) from Winnellie NT (0820) to Kotara south NSW (2289)
Noel E is looking for a quote to move a Subaru WRX (2022) from Dubbo NSW (2830) to Adelaide SA (5000)
Luke G is looking for a quote to move a Honda Jazz (2013) from Byron bay NSW (2481) to Darwin NT (0800)
Muhammad V is looking for a quote to move a Toyota HiAce Commuter Bus (2016) from Smeaton grange NSW (2567) to Brookfield VIC (3338)
Peter V is looking for a quote to move a Mitsubishi Lancer (2000) from Officer VIC (3809) to Croydon NSW (2132)
Chris B is looking for a quote to move a Volkswagen Transporter (2005) from Belconnen ACT (2617) to Adelaide SA (5000)
Andrew H is looking for a quote to move a Land Rover Discovery (2002) from Penguin TAS (7316) to Queenstown TAS (7467)
Muhammad A is looking for a quote to move a Toyota Camry (2018) from Petrie terrace QLD (4000) to Karama NT (0812)
Sally W is looking for a quote to move a Toyota Landcruiser Prado (2018) from Darwin NT (0800) to Hobart TAS (7000)
Lawrence Y is looking for a quote to move a Toyota 86 (2014) from St marys SA (5042) to Barton ACT (2600)
Peter K is looking for a quote to move a Ford Falcon (2008) from Wallan VIC (3756) to Sans souci NSW (2219)
Darren R is looking for a quote to move a Tesla Model 3 (202) from Smithfield QLD (4878) to Drysdale VIC (3222)
Chris M is looking for a quote to move an Isuzu D-Max (2020) from Hobart TAS (7000) to Darwin NT (0800)
Chris M is looking for a quote to move an Isuzu D-Max (2020) from Moonah TAS (7009) to Zuccoli NT (0832)