Car Transport Affiliate Program a Game Changer

PrixCar Transport Services and Semantia breathe new life into the vehicle relocations industry with the PTXchange.

The Australian automotive industry has experienced major changes in recent years. The closure of local manufacturing by Ford, Holden and Toyota has changed the landscape of vehicle transport in the country in ways that could not have been foreseen less than five years ago.

PrixCar Transport decided to adapt to the changing conditions and enlist the services of Semantia; a XaaS integration and digital marketing agency in Melbourne.

Like many other car carriers, we have been focused on driving efficiencies through our fleet and with the help of Semantia we made many incremental improvements in how we use technology to deliver fast, efficient services to our market.

Delivering new solutions and services that our customers actually want has been our biggest motivation and we are fortunate to have found a Partner that understands this and has the experience to deliver.

The range of service and solutions delivered has been significant and over the last five years, we have delivered on key initiatives including:

  • Specialised Cartage Request systems customised for our trade customers that lets them place special transport requests directly into PrixCar’s core transport management systems.
  • The development of our core, real-time quoting application (QuoteMe) that is available to our internal staff, customers and the general public via our website at PrixCar Services.
  • An online vehicle booking system that allows self-service scheduling and payments for both our trade and retail customers.

With each of the projects, the team undertook a lean approach to delivery meaning we were able to achieve significant operational cost reductions while at the same time increase our profitability in an amazingly short timeframe.

PrixCar Transport Services and Semantia Pty Ltd breathe new life into the vehicle relocations industry with the PTXchange – Australia’s first vehicle transport affiliate program.

In mid 2014, we set them a challenge to develop a completely new business model and revenue stream for the business.

It was then that the PTXchange was born.

Leveraging technology that had already been put in place, the team created a platform that allows any website owner to easily offer car transport quotes without a customer ever having to leave their site.

Furthermore, members of the PTXchange Affiliate Program earn a commission for every booking made through the platform.

Since the launch of the platform earlier this year (2015), the interest and uptake in the PTXchange has been remarkable.

In May, the PTXchange was nominated as a finalist in the Anthill SMART100 awards and more recently, recognised amongst our peers in the transport industry with the “Application of Technology” award at the AFIA.

In delivering the PTXchange to the marketplace, we’ve learned that it is possible to successfully leverage technology to enable new entrants into a crowded marketplace.

We encourage you to explore the PTXchange for yourself and, who knows, maybe even sign up as an affiliate and help the automotive industry flourish again.