Inserting the Quote Form into Your Website

We’ve added great flexibility with the PTXchange so you can insert your special car transport quote form directly into your web pages and have your visitors obtain a vehicle transport quote without needing to leave your site.

When you sign up to the PTXchange, you’ll be given your special code which causes the quote form to be displayed whenever someone visits your site.

The code will look something like this…

<div id="show-quote"></div>
<script src="http://ptxchange-site/quotes.php?aff=affiliateid"></script>

The code basically says:

Load the quote form using your affiliateid and display it in the HTML container show-quote.

Place that code above wherever you want the form displayed on your website.

When visitors arrive at your website, the form will be loaded and displayed. When they fill out the form and click “Calculate Cost”, a new page will open and the pricing displayed.

The system will also flag the quote as having originated from your business and will use any transport rates applicable to your business.

Please note that including multiple forms per page may cause problems and lead to negative experiences for your customers.

We recommend using only a single form per web page.