Linking Directly to PTXchange Using Your AffiliateID

Instead of placing the PTXchange Quote Form into your website, you might choose to send your visitors directly to the PTXchange.

Here’s how to send your visitors to the PTXchange and get credited with every quote created.

When you sign up to the PTXchange, you’ll be given your special affiliate code (affiliateID).

Add the affiliateID to the end of your link to the PTXchange.

For example, if your affiliateID were “qds”, your link would look something like this:

<a href="">Get a Car Transport Quote</a>

This would produce something like the following:

Get a Car Transport Quote

Using this link, visitors will leave your website and be sent to the PTXchange website where they can enter their details.

When they obtain a quote, it will by flagged by the system as having originated from your business and will use the transport rates applicable to you.

Unlike when you insert the Quoting Form directly into your website, you can add your link to a page as many times as you like.